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  • What is KITMINE?
    Kitmine is a cloud mining platform. This means you can participate in bitcoin mining without maintaining the hardware yourself.

Our advantages

Your hardware is working

Do not handle assembly of hot and noisy equipment and mining at home. We already have the fastest bitcoin mining hardware working for you!

Support 24/7

Our staff is always ready to assist you or answer all your questions.


Choose the amount to withdraw and receive it instantly

Up to 33.33% per month

Investments made easy. Up to 33.33% per month with cryptocurrency mining. No need in initial investment.

Profitable Affiliate Program

You get a profit of 7% to attract new users to our system.

Desktop access

Each user has access to his computer online. You can instantly see your mining via desktop.

About Cloud mining desktop?

What is Cloud mining desktop?

is an online virtual mining server with desktop access.

How it works?

You do not have to buy expensive equipment and spend the time to set them up. By registering you will receive a mining server of your own.

What is the operating system and script and pool?

We use windows 10, and the script: X11, scrypt,

Bitcoin price: $9435.81 USD

Litecoin price: $164.611 USD

Dogecoin price: $0.00576628 USD

Dash price: $538.037 USD

Reddcoin price: $0.00848203 USD

Paccoin price: $0.00757085 USD


1 MH/s Free / Support 24/7 / Snapshot /Up to 33.33% per month